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Enhanced Price Forecasting and Market Analysis with TensorFlow RNN

Enhanced Price Forecasting and Market Analysis with TensorFlow RNN

AI-Powered crypto trading platform startup created to analyse and predict crypto market
September 7, 2023
4 minute read
  • The client is a seasoned crypto trader with extensive experience across various cryptocurrency exchanges. They possess a thorough knowledge of market trends, trading strategies, and analytical techniques in the crypto space.
  • The client aimed to create a platform for a broad user base, not just for personal use, by developing a tool that could process and analyze large volumes of historical data for accurate, real-time cryptocurrency forecastings. This system was designed to unify multiple cryptocurrency exchange platforms into one easy-to-use interface, thereby streamlining the trading experience by eliminating the need to juggle multiple exchange tabs. Moreover, the client's vision extended to incorporating an advanced AI system capable of real-time analysis of social media, news, and other relevant sources to accurately predict market trends and sentiments for the next day, ultimately enhancing trading strategies and decision-making for all users.
  • For the price forecasting feature, we developed a proprietary model using TensorFlow, meticulously engineered to incorporate over 40 distinct indicators. This model was tailored to handle complex datasets, ensuring highly accurate cryptocurrency price predictions. In parallel, we created a second model using scikit-learn to predict the market's condition for the next day. This model was trained on a comprehensive archive of historical news, adeptly correlating news events with changes in cryptocurrency prices. This correlation provided valuable insights into the impact of external information on market trends. Both models, each built with a different technological framework, collaboratively functioned to provide a robust analytical tool for our platform's users.
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  • One of the major tech challenges we faced was ensuring the accuracy of predictions in the volatile crypto market. To address this, our team had to meticulously analyze and refine the architecture of our models. This process involved careful consideration of which data points were most relevant and impactful for inclusion in the training process. The volatility and unpredictability of the cryptocurrency market meant that selecting the right indicators and data sources was crucial to the success of our models. Our team's dedication to thorough analysis and strategic model design played a key role in overcoming this challenge and achieving reliable forecasting capabilities.
  • Handling the sheer volume of data for real-time predictions across multiple exchanges presented another significant challenge. Given the multitude of coins and the variability of their behaviors on different exchanges, our service had to be designed to cope with high levels of data throughput continuously. This meant not only processing large volumes of data in real-time but also maintaining the speed and accuracy of our predictions under these high-load conditions. Ensuring the scalability and reliability of our system to handle such an extensive data flow without compromising on performance was a critical aspect of our technical strategy, demanding both sophisticated infrastructure and advanced optimization techniques.
  • We developed a specialized model using TensorFlow with an RNN architecture, designed specifically to process and learn from numerical data. This model adeptly predicted cryptocurrency prices by analyzing intricate patterns and trends in market data, offering accurate and timely forecasts.
  • The second model we developed, aimed at predicting market sentiments for the next day, was built using scikit-learn and employed a TF-IDF (Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency) vectorizer. This model was particularly focused on textual data analysis, such as news and social media content, to gauge the market's mood. The critical component in this model's design was the use of the F1 score to fine-tune the probability threshold for predictions. This approach ensured a balanced optimization between precision and recall, providing a more accurate and reliable gauge of market sentiment.
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