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SPUNCH provides a range of machine learning and artificial intelligence services. Our specialists empower businesses across various sectors, enhancing operations and driving innovation. Begin collaborating with our team today to harness the potential of AI/ML technologies
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We work with a variety of businesses:
Implement a cool AI feature in your project, be part of modernity
You want to optimize your processes and, as a result, engage in more strategic tasks
Non-Tech Companies
Conduct research, explore the possibility of improving your business with AI
List of our services:
AI Chat-bot Development
AI MVP Development
Dedicated AI&ML Team
ERP/CRM AI Integrations
Prices for our services:
At SPUNCH we utilize a Time & Materials (T&M) pricing model for all our services, ensuring maximum transparency and flexibility for our clients. This model allows you to pay only for the actual time spent and resources used on your project, providing a clear alignment between cost and deliverables.
Transparent Tracking
This ensures you have a clear understanding of how your investment is being applied throughout the project.
Unlike fixed-price models, the T&M approach provides the flexibility to adjust the scope, resources, or direction of your project as new insights or changes arise.
You only pay for the work that is done, which prevents budget overruns associated with scope changes in fixed-price contracts.
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AI Driven Software Solutions
AI Chat-bot Development
AI MVP Development
Dedicated AI&ML Team
ERP/CRM Integrations
Kyiv, Ukraine
London, United Kingdom
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